Keeping your kids organised throughout the school year

Being organised at home can make a lot of difference to the success and happiness of your child at school. More and more work is being done at home with aid of technology, but the key rules of keeping things organised and structured never get old. Read on as I go through some clever ideas to keep everyone happy and working productively at home all year.

For primary school age kids, doing the homework at the kitchen table is fine, as caregivers can be right there to assist with anything. At high school however, kids need a bit more peace and quiet to keep focused and maximise study time. Ideally, they need their own room that can be set up exactly how they want.  However, if you don’t have the space, or live in an apartment, think about converting a cupboard or any of the overlooked, yet underutilised spaces around the home into a dedicated study nook. These spaces can be easily hidden from view by using a sliding or folding doors to conceal the space when not in use. There are a number of door options to suit all budgets and sizes. Make sure whichever doors you choose, use quality door hardware such as that made by Brio, which is all stainless steel and use high quality bearings for all interior bifold doors.

Whether an entire room or a smaller space, be sure to let your child have a say in how it looks and functions. Kids will enjoy using the space a lot more if they feel it is THEIR space, so let them decorate how they wish – even if it means a few posters you may not approve of! Make the space inviting with funky accessories like lamps, clocks and furniture, you want to create a vibrant and stimulating environment that they love spending time in.

It’s also a good idea to include a very visible wall calendar that has all upcoming important dates. Be sure to let your kids enter the information themselves to promote a sense of ownership and responsibility for their own work. The calendar could be as simple as a traditional paper calendar from KiikiK or the like. If you are feeling creative, consider painting a wall with chalkboard paint and ruling up a large scale grid calendar. This can look really good and adds some more interest to the room.

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